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Stepping into the Shoes of a Driving Instructor

When you get out of your house each day provides something a lot different to your life when you're working as a driving instructor. You meet up with different people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and skills. Some people be more eager to learn and want to take on the bigger challenges to driving while others will be more reserved and sit and think about learning. There's also a whole lot more to being a driving instructor than training, there are different ways you can teach and you have the business aspect to work on as well. The hours you work are what you make them. It really is under your control.

Absolutely no two learner drivers are the same, not only do they possess totally different personas and preferences to the way they prefer to learn but they're not all teenagers. A number of driving instructors purposely target an older generation of learner drivers or indeed those who have special needs.

How Much Does it Cost to be a Driving Instructor?

It actually depends upon the way you practice and if you go for a trainee licence, if you mismanage your education and learning you can actually spend £4k, but train to a really good program and you may bring that to some more sensible figure of £2k to £2.5k
We recommend that when training you take regular training sessions since you will remember more and forget much less, this is one of the biggest drains on expenditure.

Apply to Become a Driving Instructor by using this link you can apply to become a driving instructor.

There are 3 tests which you have to pass.

Part 1 - a theory test
Part 2 - test of your driving ability
Part 3 - test of ability to instruct pupils

What Sort of Money can you Earn as a Driving Instructor?

Our group members all bring in around £30,000 each year and that is after business costs, but it is not easy to do this, it is not just a question of getting your licence and teaching, so what we do is we help you grow your business. We’ll explain to you a way to increase profit margins through decreasing the cost of expenses and raising the price of your lessons while working to a full diary of clients.

These numbers are completely attainable and achieved by most of our driving instructors. If they are not working to a minimum of a £14 an hour profit margin we want to know why therefore we can assist grow their profitability.

What Sort of Time does it Take to Train to Become a Driving Instructor?

The time frame it takes to train to become a driving instructor varies according to you, your financial allowance, how you study and passing the tests at the 1st attempt. We propose you are taking not less than 2 hours a week of training and this will get you through in around 6 months. People that take lesson on an infrequent basis may take more than a year to pass and they tend to pay more cash.

Can I Train to a Driving Instructor While I’m Still Working

Absolutely yes, in actual fact most of the people training to become a driving instructor will do so around their current career so we really encourage you to do the exact same if you're able to. Those who are working 40 hours per week usually can do 2-4 hours training per week with no issues.

Can I Train To Be A Driving Instructor And Teach At The Same Time?

This is really a powerful way to learn and build your driving school business, many driving instructors have taken this path before you and given a pink badge, which is the trainee licence. You will have had to pass the first 2 tests and be under the supervision of our school and taking regular training.

Try Our Taster Session

Becoming a driving instructor is a huge thing for you to do as you’re probably going to be changing your profession and people only make these sort of changes maybe once or twice in their life. So we want you to make sure it's best for your needs. Therefore we are offering you a half day taster session course consisting of finding yourself in a real driving lesson, getting your own advanced driving lesson and a QnA session with us. For prices and availability please phone us.

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I took the taster session loved it and booked my training straight away

Paula Trent
I'm training and making money at the same time.

Alice Walker
West Midlands
I passed my part 1, 2 and 3 inside 7 months and Ive got a new career thanks to Pete

Mark Spaven
East Midlands

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