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become a driving instructor

Become A Driving Instructor


Have you got the urge and desire to become a driving instructor? Today you are going to learn how you can train not only to be a driving instructor but also to build a career, an income an a business.

If you know you have got what it takes or just interested, please read more about our exciting training packages giving you the opportunity to change your lifes direction

Becoming A Driving Instructor

Being a driving instructor and helping people to drive is like no other experience and the training that you need, will change your outlook on driving forever. In these few paragraphs you will discover the training process, the pitfalls of becoming a driving instructor and how to make this a well paid career, plus lots more.

Many People Fail…After They Have Passed!
To train to be a driving instructor you need to pass three tests, these are known as part 1, part 2 and part 3.
Part one is an extended theory test.
Part two is an advanced driving test.
Part three is a test of your instructional ability.

You have to pass each test in turn and with the proper training and professional approach you can pass all three tests, people that don’t are either not fully motivated and have not trained effectively, or the training program has not been up to standard.

It is difficult for an outside to know whether your training is good or not, but two good indicators are. 1) Are you aware of your progress? Do you know how good you are, hat you are good at and what you need to improve on? Failure to understand this is going to make passing harder for you, your trainer should keep you fully up to date. 2) There is nothing ever stopping you from taking a second point of view from a different trainer. By asking for their opinion you can tie your training together and concentrate more clearly on your areas that require development.

....This discusses the issues prior to becoming an ADI, many people actually fail at being an ADI and that is simply because no one has shown the new driving instructor how to run a driving school business.

There are 4 elements to a driving school business.
1. Marketing
3.Skills of the instructor
4.Pupil management

All your training has covered so far is “Skills of the instructor” what about marketing, sales and managing pupils? You may not have even considered that or just hoped that by joining a driving school franchise will help you in these areas. The fact of the matter is you have to ask to be 100 percent sure. It is your life, your training, your business, your career, your profits and your bills that need to be considered. Do not leave anything to chance.

At Startin2Drive we cover all aspects. In fact you will be hard pressed to find another driving school who offers training like we do. As yet we are yet to discover another instructor trainer who breaks down the business disciplines like we do.

Types Of Training
Currently there are two types of training, the first type is to pass part one and part 2 and to obtain your PDi licence, we call it the pink badge…because its pink!
You can’t trade as yourself, you can’t advertise for work but you can work underneath a fully qualified diving instructor who in effect “sponsors” you.
We can offer this to you, meaning that while you practice to become a fully qualified driving instructor you can actually earn money at the same time.

What we can do is supply you with a number of customers, you choose the amount you want and you can work around your current job. Not only will you see your skills develop but you are starting to create a business before you make the cross over.

The second way of training is to become fully qualified and then start to take on pupils. The choice is really yours and the choice should be made to match your personal preferences and not that of the instructor trainer.

Training Styles
Learning to become a driving instructor can be very expensive if you do not plan. If you start working with us we would like to make sure you are working to a tight plan that encourages you to learn in your own time while taking frequent lessons from your driving instructor trainer.

Where people often make a mistake is when they take a lesson once a month. Its just not good enough for you, really you need 6-8 hours training month as a minimum and if you can’t afford this right now then save up. 

Taking ad-hoc lessons, leads to test failures, frustrations and spending money on extra lessons you didn’t need. Some people take up to two years to become a driving instructor, where in reality you ought to be concentrating on 6 to 9 months.

Once you become a driving instructor you will say exactly the same to your learner drivers. Those who take regular lessons usually take less lessons because they forget less and remember more.

Do you know how to do this? Have you got any experience at all? Even if you have marketed yourself or another business in the past, while you will have useful skills, applying those skills in the driving lessons industry is not enough.

It is said that you are going to need at least 4 active methods of marketing to bring in at least 2 new pupils a month once you have a full diary. We can do this for you and you can learn from us.

In 2012 a survey conducted by David Poole showed that only 12.5% of phone calls were answered by the driving instructor and was in a position to be able to talk and take the call properly. Despite you spending time and money on marketing if you miss the phone call or don’t have the skills to convert the call then you are slowing down your business. Most small businesses that go bust in their infancy are due to cash flow problems.

Pupil Management
How do you keep a pupil in the car from one week to the next? Pupils are great for skipping lessons and if they are not managed properly in a way they appreciate and understand then you will lose hours and income. Just 2 lessons skipped in one week will set you back £100 and once that time has gone it is gone.

From claiming not to have money, to apparent sickness, urgent requirements elsewhere or holidays booked overnight, you need to know how to overcome these faux tales before they even arise. Leaving the genuine pupils to be honest and leaving you in a good frame of mind.

Startin 2 Drive will help you in all areas of becoming a driving instructor but we also do a lot more.

Unlike 99% of most driving schools we also run under 17 driving courses, and at these events you will be given priority of the pupils from your area. Imagine starting to teach a 16yr old to drive from your area. Who are they going to choose to learn with when they turn 17? In fact we will go further than that and encourage the learner to book with us and you.

Depending where you are located our Under 17 courses and currently cover the cost of around 60% of your franchise fee if you join us after passing your part 3 and becoming an ADI.

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I took the taster session loved it and booked my training straight away

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I'm training and making money at the same time.

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I passed my part 1, 2 and 3 inside 7 months and Ive got a new career thanks to Pete

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